The Test of Temptation

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Sunday, June 22, 2014 DFCC Pastor BJ Bello
James 1:13-18 (series of study on the book of James)
INTRODUCTION: Whose fault is our temptation?

1. Verse 14. It begins with these words, “But every man is tempted. ” All of us can give testimony to the truthfulness of that statement.

2. James , Akers this shift from trials, which lead to growth and blessing, to temptations which lead to sin and death. Every circumstance of life that we face then provides us with a decision.  In fact, it requires a decision. Will I presevere? Will I move ahead in faith in God by obedience to His Word? Or will I listen to the voice that suggests the easy way out is disobedience and into sin?

3. We all face the battle of temptation. And how we deal with it is a mark of the genuineness of our faith or the lack of true saving faith. Just as how we face trials and respond to them, in verse 2 thru 12 was seen as a test of genuine faith.

4. “Apo” or “Upo” Apo means remote or indirect. Upo means direct.

Five proofs that God is not responsible for temptation and therefore sin.
1. The Nature of evil, v13
2. The Nature of man, v14
3. The Nature of lust, v15, v16
4. The Nature of God, v17
5. The Nature of regeneration, v18

The deities and the gods of paganism are always liable to temptation to evil and they themselves are frequently seen as sinning and tempting others to sin. And the reason is because all the false gods are the creation of the minds of fallen men or the minds of demons.
Leviticus 19:2 The Lord is holy
Leviticus 20:26 The Lord is holy
Isaiah 6 The Lord is holy
1 Peter 1:16 The Lord is holy

     1. “Dragged away” and “enticed” are two very interesting words. The first one comes from hunting. And it is used of luring an animal into a trap…a trap is baited and the animal is lured into the trap.
     2. The second term, “enticed,” is a fishing term. That a word means literally to capture or catch and it’s literal use was to catch a fish with bait, to bait a hook and catch. In 2 Peter 2:14 and 18, it is translated “to allure” or “to beguile,” it means to entice, to catch a fish with bait.

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